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The Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Centre and its Heart Function and Cardiotoxicity Programs are proud to be housed within the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at University Health Network (UHN).

An Introduction to Living with Heart Failure

Hear from Paula, who has been living with heart failure, about the importance of living well and taking care of your health.

What Is Heart Failure?

Heart failure describes a condition where the heart is unable to meet the needs of the body. It is a chronic condition, which means most people live with heart failure for the rest of their lives.

Three Heart Failure Champions Share Their Stories

Meet Cindy, her father’s essential caregiver; Lori, a congenital heart disease patient who has lived with heart failure all of her life; and Noli, a man who has recently been diagnosed with heart failure. Discover what makes them unique and similar, and what they would like you to know about living with heart failure.

Appointment Tips for Non-English Speaking Patients

Managing your care when you are a non-English speaker can be difficult – watch Cindy’s tips for non-English speaking patients.

Writing the Heart with Sharon Bray

Writing the Heart facilitator Sharon Bray (author, educator, and heart patient) knows better than anyone the benefits of expressive writing – she has written herself out of more than one difficult chapter in life. In this introductory video, Sharon explains what expressive writing is, leads us through prompts and reflections, and invites us to explore the deepest part of our experience to tell our story.

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Registration for On the Land is now open!
This 3-day #landbased #culturalsafety training program led by Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle, Indigenous Elders & Knowledge Keepers is open to TRANSFORM #HeartFailure members.
Space is limited. Learn more & register: https://transformhf.ca/event/on-the-land/

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The Save

My 'interruption in life,' as I call it, started as any other normal workday. However, things took a turn when I began experiencing horrific chest pain.

Writing the Heart: Expressive Writing Workshop Series

Writing…about traumatic experience …can produce measurable changes in physical and mental health, … can also affect


Heart Health Glossary Advance Care Planning (ACP): The process of thinking about and communicating your wishes, ...