Managing Your Care

Managing Your Care

Managing your heart failure care can seem overwhelming, but knowing what to expect from your appointments, familiarizing yourself with available tools, and knowing your rights as a patient can help you to feel more confident and in control.

Caring for Someone with Heart Failure

As a caregiver for someone living with heart failure, you may find yourself assisting or supporting the lifestyle modifications involved in condition management. Medical coordination, personal care, and treatment decision making are all examples of common caregiver duties.

Juggling My Roles as a Caregiver and Working Professional

Eager to pursue a meaningful career in healthcare, I graduated from Queen’s University as one of the few female engineers at the time. ...

Appointment Tips for Non-English Speaking Patients

University Health Network is committed to patient safety and treats patients as partners in their care. This is why interpreters are ...

Advocating for Yourself

More and more health care organizations have a formal role called a patient advocate who provides direct, personalized assistance to ...

Caring for Someone with Heart Failure

Heart failure is a very common condition where the heart is unable to meet the demands of the body. In general, heart failure can be ...

Managing your Appointments

Doctor appointments can be stressful. Aside from not feeling well, factors such as anxiety, a lot of information provided too quickly, ...

Standards of Care

When you visit your doctor, you have the basic expectation that you will receive the most appropriate and up-to-date treatment for your