Appointment Tips for Non-English Speaking Patients

Appointment Tips for Non-English Speaking Patients

University Health Network is committed to patient safety and treats patients as partners in their care. This is why interpreters are part of the circle of patient care.

What is an Interpreter?

An interpreter is a professional who bridges the communication gap between people who do not speak the same language. In Toronto alone, more than 150 languages are spoken.

Do I need an interpreter?

If you do not always understand what the care provider is saying to you in English please ask for an interpreter. At UHN an interpreter must be used when:

  • you give consent to treatment
  • the care provider is taking your medical history
  • receiving a diagnosis or prognosis
  • you are having a discussion about your care
  • you request one

Interpreters are available in person, through phone or through video, at no cost to you.

Cindy’s Tips for Non-English Speaking Patients

by Cindy Yip

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