Our Partners and Contributors

Our Partners and Contributors

This website was developed in partnership with clinical experts and people with lived experience. 

We are grateful for the commitment and generosity of all who assisted in developing the site, and for their valuable contributions to learn, connect and empower.

Website Advisory Committee

The Heart Hub is the result of the vision and spirit of our Advisory Committee who guided the project at every step. 

  • Dina Theodoropoulos, co-chair and caregiver
  • Dr. Cindy Yip, caregiver 
  • Coleen Power, nurse practitioner, Cardio-Oncology, UHN
  • Heather Cartwright, patient 
  • Kyle, patient  
  • Dr. Michael McDonald, cardiologist and director, Heart Function and Transplantation Program
  • Nadia Thomson, nurse practitioner, Heart Function Program, UHN
  • Dr. Natasha Aleksova, cardiologist, UHN 
  • Paula Henderson, patient 
  • Dr. Phyllis Billia, Cardiologist and Director of Research, Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, UHN
  • Dr. Rob Nolan, clinical psychologist, UHN
  • Santa Cuda, caregiver 
  • Shelagh Ross, patient

The Advisory committee and this project were overseen and supported by Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research staff:

  • Anne Simard, co-chair and staff scientist
  • Aimy Wang, biomedical communications student
  • Augusta Lipscombe, research and communications specialist
  • Samantha Engbers, research planning associate


Patient Advisory Group Team Photo

In addition to the many contributions of our Advisory Committee members who also wrote and reviewed content, we benefitted from an incredible group of contributors. 

Thank you to our collaborating and contributing experts who shared their impactful and heartfelt stories and medical, clinical, or lived experience: 

  • Dr. Aamir Jeewa, Section Head, Cardiomyopathy & Heart Function, Division of Cardiology, SickKids
  • Annie Smith, Person with lived experience
  • Dr. Heather Ross, Head, Division of Cardiology, UHN and Site-Lead, Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research
  • Isabel Victal, Person with lived experience
  • Jane McCarthy, Director, Programs and Services, Ontario Caregiver Organization
  • Kristen George, Nurse Practitioner, SickKids
  • Laurel Sproule, Person with lived experience
  • Dr. Leah Steinberg, Physician, Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Lisa Salapatek, Executive Lead, Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, Ontario Caregiver Organization
  • Lori Constable-Smolcic, person with lived experience
  • Maddison Large, Person with lived experience
  • Margaret Brum, Registered Dietician, UHN
  • Mike Walker, Exercise Physiologist, UHN
  • Nancy Cunliffe, Person with lived experience
  • Noli Mosquite, Person with lived experience
  • Dr. Robert Maunder, Deputy Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Head of Psychiatry Research, Sinai Health
  • Sharon Bray, Person with lived experience.

And finally, thank you to all our testers and reviewers who assisted along the way.