Managing Your Health

Managing Your Health

Managing your condition and symptoms through medication, healthy eating, and taking care of your physical and mental health can help you live well with heart failure.


Physical and mental health

Living well means taking care of both your physical well-being as well as your mental health. Keeping healthy both physically and mentally is key to living well with heart failure.

Medication Management

People with more complex medical needs, like heart failure, may require multiple medications throughout the day. To ensure the safe, ...

Sex and Intimacy

Sexual relations and intimacy are important to your well-being and relationships. You are not alone in thinking about sex and heart ...

Hello. My name is Paula. I live every day with heart failure.

I was born with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy. HOCM for short. Basically, it means my heart muscle is too thick, making it ...

Mental Health

Mental health refers to a person's emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It is a vital aspect of overall health. How we ...


Although the emotional impact of living with a chronic disease differs from one person to another, it is often quite substantial. Those


Sleep issues and heart failure may be related. For example, if you have heart failure, you're more likely to experience insomnia. ...