Managing Your Health

Managing Your Health

Managing your condition and symptoms through medication, healthy eating, and taking care of your physical and mental health can help you live well with heart failure.


Physical and mental health

Living well means taking care of both your physical well-being as well as your mental health. Keeping healthy both physically and mentally is key to living well with heart failure.

Eliminating Alcohol

Eliminating Alcohol Alcohol is toxic to the heart. It is recommended that all patients with heart failure completely abstain from ...


Canada's Food Guide Canada's Food Guide is an eating plan created by Health Canada to help people in Canada make healthy food choices. ...

Isabel’s Tips for Medication and Symptoms Self-Management

Isabel's Tips for Medication and Symptoms Self-Management Isabel lived with heart failure for 11 years before having a heart transplant

Fluid Restriction

Fluid Restriction Fluid Accumulation Normally, our bodies eliminate extra fluid by excreting it as urine. People with heart failure ...


Potassium Intake Potassium is a mineral that has many important roles within your body, including regulating your heartbeat and blood ...


Sodium Restriction Sodium causes extra fluid to build up in your body, making your heart work harder. This extra fluid can also ...