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HeartLife Day E3 – Engage, Educate, Empower

Online Event

HeartLife Day E3 - Engage, Educate, Empower is designed to bring lived experience together with medical expertise to promote awareness and understanding of the patient journey. By attending HeartLife Day E3 @ Heart Failure Update 2021 you will: Gain understanding of the value and need for a national standard of heart failure care. Be informed […]

Second Annual HeartLife Day

HeartLife welcomes you to join the HeartLife Foundation’s 2nd Annual E3 Patient Day on May 12th for a day of discussions and presentations on critical topics for Canadians and their caregivers who live with heart failure. WHEN: May 12th, 2022, from 9am to 1:30pm PDT / 12:00pm-430pm EDT.WHERE: Zoom Events Platform HOW: Register here https://events.zoom.us/e/view/VpkpQ-5jTieCX6y_h314pQWHO: Patients, […]

Heart Failure Policy Summit 2022

The Heart Failure Policy Network (HFPN) is excited to announce the full programme of the 2022 Heart Failure Policy Summit, taking place over four online sessions in October and November.New clinical guidelines and innovation offer hope of improving the lives of the 10 million people living with heart failure in Europe, but only if we […]

Heartlife Documentary Premiere: My Broken Heart

Join HeartLife for the Premiere of the Documentary My Broken Heart HeartLife is hosting their first charity fundraiser on March 26, 2023, at the VIFF theatre in Vancouver to Premiere the feature documentary MY BROKEN HEART – A Nick Zap film that received an honourable mention at the Santa Monica International Film Festival in 2020. MY BROKEN HEART is a feature-length documentary […]

HeartLife Foundation: Introductory Webinar for a Mind Body Wellness Program


Join HeartLife for a free 30-minute webinar On June 20th at 9:00 am to learn more about a fun, evidence-based program to energize your body and reduce anxiety. The Mind Body Wellness Program for Heart Failure will teach you: 1. Movement at 3 different levels2. Breathwork and mindfulness practices you can use anywhere!3. Psychology tips […]